ISO 9001:2015

From June, 2017 our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. DEKRA Certificate GmbH confirmed that we have established and maintain a quality management system according to the above mentioned standard.


The 2 stages gasoline vapour recovery system with membrane technology

Vapour Recovery VARECO Plus

The self-regulating, intelligent vapour recovery system with vortex flow sensors

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    Our Message

    No doubt that the environmental protection has become much more current in our conscousness, triggered by growing global climate and environmental changes.

    With their negative impact on our health and nature the acute environmental problems were undoubtedly the catalyst for political action. This led to a series of international decisions such as the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gases and the Gothenburg Protocol to reduce acidification and tropospheric ozone, also to several European and national legal lines.

    The handicap in the conduct had been the high cost and the inefficient use of environmental technology, which influenced the policy decisions, and thus presented a challenge to the technology.

    We from TST took up the challenge of 21st century and developed solutions, which form a homogenous symbiosis between environmental technology and economics!

    Our systems are characterized by very high efficiency, long life and a short amortization period.

    We wish each one of us a healthy and clean environment!

    - Your TST Team -